Open Correspondence from The Senator 
by Jeremy Schmall

March 25

My Fellow Countrymen,
I have had so many pancakes this morning. Blueberry pancakes, and cinnamon pancakes, and sourdough pancakes, all covered in syrup. And five cups of coffee. The disparity between my breakfast and yours is alarming. I am also better looking.

Your senator,
The Senator

A satirical, faux-archive of a fictional senator's bizarre open correspondence to a variety of recipients: his constituents, other senators, media members, the president, & "weird guy"; topics of interest include breakfast, public hazards, Carl Weathers as Superman, blimps, and national security—all dashed off with self-aggrandizing jingoistic bombast.

The Senator wishes to publicly deny any association with that unpatriotic scoundrel, Jeremy Schmall, who playedno role whatsoever in the writing, compiling, or disseminating of these letters, my letters, which are of the highest possible national value.

9 x 11 1/2 inches, 23 pages, custom-designed stationery in letterpressed archive folder.