More Perfect Depictions of Noise 
by Justin Taylor

Let's Get Tired of Cannibalism

Everyone knows salesmen 
are what’s killing us. Don’t answer
the door. Listen: Every
hard angle is padded with dollar signs.
You can tell the real thing by its reaction 
on exposure to the all-consuming flame.
I wish to be unleashed upon the land
in a swarm. I am the memory of a night
there was especially bad weather
and the trains faltered and the people 
lost heart—but, people, take heart now!
That long night is passed. The trains
are back on schedule. Listen: 
The salesmen are molting.
Their new shapes are impossible.

From late-night train rides to DIY surgery, Chelsea to Greenpoint, Baudrillard to Kierkegaard—these nineteen poems buzz and spark and surprise. Justin Taylor has a clear, strong voice and plenty to say. More Perfect Depictions of Noise is a smart, funny, original collection. Even its quiet parts are loud.

5 x 8 1/2 inches, 48 pages, letterpressed covers, perfect bound edition of 1000