The Agriculture Reader No. 7

The Agriculture Reader is back with our thickest and wildest issue to date, published once again in dos-à-dos format, with a complete poetry manuscript backed by an eclectic anthology of poetry, fiction, unclassifiables, and more work in translation than we’ve ever done before. Side A is Erika Bisk’s debut chapbook, “65 Haikus, Spring 2013.” Bisk’s collection is illustrated by Amy Mees, whose scribbles, hash marks, and spindly star bursts offer a perfectly understated visual complement to “a history of / horrible goodbye hugs and / tremendous letdowns.” Meanwhile, on the B Sides, Matthew Henriksen wonders “Are You Mad at Me?”, Morgan Parker offers a “Poem On Beyoncé’s Birthday”,
Zak Smith has “67 (No Wait, 68) Tips for Art Critics”, and Nicole Steinberg wants you to know that “You’re Doing Kegels Wrong.” There’s new work from Chris Huntington, Anika Jade, Graeme Bezanson, Frank Guan, Eli Todd, Molly Rose Quinn, Martin Rock, and Mike McDonough; Izet Saraljić’s war poems translated from the Bosnian by Sara Nović; Thomas Brasch’s theatrical placards translated from the German by
Anne Posten; an excerpt from Hjalmar Söderberg’s 1895 novel
Delusions translated from the Swedish by Kempton Mooney; and some one-act plays we bootlegged from Mathias Svalina’s Facebook page a couple years ago and didn’t even tell him we were including until it was too late. Side B is illustrated with the astonishingly meticulous and highly gratifying currency collages of Mark Wagner.


6 x 9 inches, 152 pages, perfect bound. edition of 500

$12 + shipping and handling.

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