...is the publishing arm of Amy Mees and Mark Wagner's media empire. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of X-ing Art Holding Co. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of X-ing Design which is a privately traded joint stock non-government entity with a powerful lobby in Washington and secret shadow board whom you definitely don't want to cross.

X-ing Books publishes works of art, poetry, and short fiction in attractive, small batch editions. We borrow from the traditions of artist books, zines, and handicrafts... and mix these sensibilities with our experience as professional designers and artists. The results are here submitted for your discerning perusal.

Best wishes,
Amy & Mark


Why X

1 x-ing | ex ing
• a crossroads or location of intersection : Lets meet at the x-ing of Taste Street and Innovation Boulevard.

2 x-ing | also xing | zi ng
• vitality, vim : What this project needs most is a little xing.

3 x-ing |‘ex-ing | ex ing
adjective, or expletive
• polite form of an unprintable cuss expressing distaste or disapproval : You can’t throw a rock in this town without hitting a x-ing designer... and throw it hard!